Alongside the amazing support you will give to the local community through this project, you will also find that your business or organisation will:

  • Enhance its brand reputation; 
  • Create further opportunities for positive PR;
  • Evidence for tenders on how you are supporting your community; 
  • Network and build contacts through community meetings and projects; 
  • Cement firm local working relationships and open business development opportunities; 
  • Create opportunities for free team building - which makes a massive difference; 
  • Lead the way in working together for social and economic prosperity.

What do you get when you become a partner of the project? 

  • Organised fundraising events 
  • Employee volunteering days 
  • Networking events 
  • Opportunities to influence local support 
  • Additional Marketing and PR 
  • Opportunity to work with a group of inspiring people 

The cost to run the project: 

CMPP is a self-financed project, the funding to run comes from local businesses (a crowdfunded project) 

Companies donate a fee which then pays for a team of part-time staff to manage the whole project on their behalf. They organise an array of fundraising & volunteering activities, process grant applications, liaise with the community, organise partner meetings, networking events,  newsletters, website content and calculate the difference being made by local companies to local communities. 

The donation to fund CMPP depends upon your size and company nature as below: 

  • Corporate Partner:  £5000 per year
  • Public Sector and Medium Sized Business: £2500 per year 
  • Associate Partner or Small Business: £1000 per year 
  • Charities and voluntary organisations: £500 

This donation enables us to run the project to raise funds and develop volunteering projects. At each partner meeting or anytime throughout the year you can request a copy of the CMPP accounts so that you can see how your donation is helping your local community to thrive. 

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